Buntu Tembani


BUntu Tembani studied at FUBA School of drama and visual art, Johannesburg. He is a storyteller, praise poet, actor, percussionist and fitness instructor. Buntu’s been a professional performer since 2004; he performed on main stream stages, corporate, industrial and made appearances on a number of television shows. He worked with companies like, T-Spinboot health n wellness, South Africa’s Freedom Park heritage museum, Lucabantu Productions, the Walking Tall Educational Theatre, The Narrative Lab, Rita Marley’s Africa Unite, Steve Biko Foundation, Kwesukela storytelling academy, Zanendaba storytelling company. He travelled in and out of South Africa including countries like; Greece, France, Norway, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia and Tanzania, working as a writer, storyteller, actor, facilitator and praise poet.
Television: Mzansi bioscope’s Unyana, ‘Piece Job’, 5IVE “THE MOVIE”, Psycho, A woman to marry, Poppy, Mamoruti, as well as “The Truth”. SABC’s Generations “ The Legacy”, Home Affairs 1, Mnet’s Donkerland, The Death of Lucky Dube (doccie), ETV’s Rhythm City and Jozi streets.
Mr. Tembani also runs a Play and Learn program in pre- and primary schools with his T-spinboot 300 educational program, teaching them through performing art, to boost their self esteem and improving their vocabularies. Educating youngsters is something very close to his heart, as he’s done this both in South Africa and East Africa, also working with the Paleontological scientific trust PAST based at Wits University. Buntu currently runs industrial and storytelling performances and workshops for mines, corporate companies as well as schools.
Stories include:
-Educational stories of Human Evolution, literacy stories and stories for vocabulary and self confidence boosting on basic education level
– His-stories for youth and elders e.g. the SS Mendi