Bongukwazi Xulu

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Bongukwazi Xulu, otherwise known as Kwazi, is a Wits Drama and Television honors graduate. She has always had a passion for performance from a young age but veered from it. She could no longer deny it after joining a high school musical in grade 10. After her matric, she enrolled for her degree.
Prior to her graduation, she starred in a show called Vuselela(2015) and later went on to co-direct with a colleague for The Joburg Theatre(The Space Dot Com) (2017) The National Arts Festival(2018) and the 969 Festival(Wits) (2018). After graduating from the prestigious university, she starred in The Antidote- The Musical(2016) that was staged at the Lesedi, Joburg Theatre as Kathrin Matlala, the prosecutor .She directed 2 shows, “The Magic Pot” (2016) & The Last Respect(2018) at The Joburg Theatre’s Developmental Theatre, The Space Dot Com. She went on to write, star in and stage her one-hander iNdodakazi Yakho (Your Daughter)(2018) at The Space Dot Com (The Joburg Theatre)(2018) and the National Arts Festival(2018).
While growing her career behind the scenes in the television industry, she has managed to get small roles in shows like iNgozi (2017), Queen Sono (2020) and Splintered Pieces (2022).