Reem Koussa


Reem Koussa is of Lebanese descent.
She studied stage and screen acting at AFDA.
She also has a BA degree and honours with distinction under her belt.
She went on to study directing, writing, producing, movement and dance, make- up, costume styling and production design.
Reem is extremely passionate about the arts and cannot see herself doing anything else.
She has done a number of stage productions and student films over the years.
Productions include Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Macbeth, Life of Pi, Treasure Island, Sherlock Holmes, Fairy tales and many other children productions and educational shows with On Cue Theatre. She absolutely loves the dancing and choreography that gets incorporated into such stage productions.
Dance and movement plays a big role in her life as it helps in her daily life as, well as her acting career.

Reem speaks English and Arabic fluently.

Skills include: dancing, physical theatre, swimming, running, make-up and improvisation.