Nosipho Zulu


Nosipho Zulu is a Johannesburg based actress. She believes that polished talent that leaves the audience pleading “Encore”, is what gives one satisfaction that they have played their part on Stage.
She was Born and Bred in Durban, then joined theatre at the age of 7, as one of Santa’s elves. She only understood it as a calling to answer to at the age of 17, which made her audition for school and community plays, not just to be a star, but with the purpose of understanding the depth of her fascinating passion.
Nosipho holds a National Diploma in Drama from the Durban University of Technology, which comes with accolades complimenting her acting skills for the 3 years’ experience at the Tertiary institution.
She is certain that she unleashes the jewel within her whenever given a chance. She is positive that this jewel is what will take her to places she’s only seen in her Sleep.

Other Skills: Public Speaking. Chess. Reading and Research.